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Warli Painting Product

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Warli Painting is a traditional knowledge of Adivasi from Sahyadri in Western India. Adivasi do this paintings traditionally for cultural rituals, also its known as ancient pictorial script of communication. Originally painted on wall and grounds of cow dung and red mud baground and rice flour paste. Basic geometrical shape are being used in these paintings. Typically these paintings gives massage of Importance of Nature,  Human Values, Life cycle stages, Social Values, Festivals, Biodiversity, simplicity, equality etc


Traditionally instruments and ingredient used were naturally available, now to meet modern design requirements and finishing are done using nature friendly process. Assuring to meet quality standards & safety regulations along with authentic cultural forms. Be pride of having Authentic Warli Art work directly from artisan!


Thanks to technology, by which we are able to reach you directly. Lets preserve this tradition to next generation, Let’s do It together!

We are registered Non Profit Organization and Registered proprietor for geographical Indication for Warli Painting. Purchase of Artwork from this platform will support Adivasis to preserve and promote Their traditional knowledge!

Thanks for your time!

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Large Tray

Large Tray

Warli Painting Product

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